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    Ok. So I have been looking around for this information for a while with no avail. I found some things here and there but nothing concrete, so I am creating a thread concerning my issues.

    I just purchased a Treo 700w. It is great. However, I need to not only sync it with my Mac, but also use it for internet access (DUN) on my PowerBook.

    #1 SYNC:
    I think I got this covered. It sounds like MarkSpace is pretty confident about getting this working I guess I am too.

    #2 DUN (dial up networking)
    This is a must. I have not found much credible evidence on this. The older Treos had DUN so why not the 700.

    I called Verizon and then said that it was going to be released as a software update to the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. However, as soon as someone finds another way to get DUN, or internet access for that matter, to work on their Treo 700w/MAC, please post it here.

    I did load PDAnet on my PC and Treo 700w and it worked without a problem. I could surf like nuts. But its a must to have the same ability on a MAC.


    Anyway, those are my concerns right now. Please provide any and all information you can on these two subjects as it becomes available. I really appreciate it and I am sure many other Treo 700w and Mac users will too. Thanks!!!!!
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    Me too. I have a Mac powerbookG-4 and a Treo 650 with Verizon and I would love to be able to DUM via bluetooth. Is there anyone out there whp can provide help?
    I will gladly pay anyone out there who can help me
    Harold J. Cohn
    MacPowerbook G-4
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    That DUN not DUM...
    Harold J. Cohn
    MacPowerbook G-4
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    PDAnet releaed a new version of their software which now enables DUN through bluetooth instead of only USB. This means you can use DUN on your treo 700w with your MAC through bluetooth. I am going to try it later today. You will only be able to use bluetooth DUN on your MAC, so it will be a bit slower than the 2.4 megabits you get with USB.

    Also, MarkSpace released a beta version of the missing sync that allows syncing with Windows Mobile 5 thorugh bluetooth.....not USB yet. Gonna try that later too.

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