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    I'm about to purchase an unlocked 650 to use with my GSM (T-Mobile) service. I'm a bit nervous because so many people complain about dropped calls and white screens and constant unmotivated resets. But I'm goin' for it!
    My question is:
    I plan on buying the unit at the Palm Store in Century City, California. Will units sold at the store already be loaded with the new 1.20 firmware (much like an Apple will already be loaded with the latest operating system)? Or will I have to load 1.20 myself?
    If I must load 1.20 myself, does that mean I should go back and load every other firmware update released since the unit came out over a year ago?
    Thanks and if you have any other newbie tips, pass 'em along!
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    Depends on how long the particular phone has been sitting on their shelves. Odds are you will need to install latest firmware. No need for incremental upgrades, go straight for the latest.
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    And you will really be picking the best time to update because nothing will be on the phone, run the installer and you should be good to go.

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