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    Does anyone know if there's a way to remove the Goodlink password all together? Although I love Goodlink, having to type in a 6 character password everytime I want to turn on my phone just to check what time it is is extremely annoying. Especially when I am listening to MP3's and want to fast forward to the next song, I have to type in my password before it will even accept next song. Also it seems to block all my scheduled programs like Quicknews updates. Another oddity is if I'm watching a movie with TCMCP it will be fine, but as soon as I stop the movie, it will lock me out.

    I fail to see the point when any user can simply hit the reset button and bypass the password anyways. Any ideas?

    Also as side note, not sure if my Treo is just acting funny or not, but should the password timeout when Goodlink is not being run? For mine it doesn't seem to timeout (when Goodlink is not running) except if it's been off for a long period, such as in the morning it is always locked out, but if Goodlink is not running than it doesn't lock me out throught the day. Is there some magic time of the day that Goodlink enforces the password?
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    One other question, is there a way to remove the emergency call from the lockout? I've accidently called the emergency number more times than I'd like to admit when the phone was in my pocket. Haven't been using keyguard, because overall I find it annoying, but I realize that would be the easiest solution.
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    Do you mean GoodPrefs, Lock, Disable?
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    The password lock is an option set by the GL administrator and can't be bypassed.
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    Yes, but as GoodGuy mentions the policy is set by the administrator and the only control I have over it is maximizing the timeout to 20 minutes.

    Goodguy, is there a reason why the password can be circumvented by hitting the reset button? Also when Goodlink is not on do you know what triggers a security check? It seems to occur alot when I'm listening to pTunes and TCMCP for an extended period of time, but if I just use it for normal usage then security doesn't trigger a lockout when Goodlink isn't turned on.
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    When using my 700w the OK button does not work when entering the password, I always have to hit the OK icon in the upper right. I am using Goodlink, and my guess it is something with it versus the native Treo' programs. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions to fix? Thanks for your help.
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    Actually the Treo650 version is the exact same, pressing the enter key or the ok button (center navigation key) also do not accept the password, you have to press the okay on the screen.

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