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    Seidio vs Palm?

    Tried doing a search and all i came away with is fear of using any adapter for chance of damaging the connector?!?!

    In regaurd to Seidio vs the Palm version is there a benefit to one over the other?

    Maybe i'll just wait for Stereo Audio over Bluetooth (A2DP) to be on the safe side!
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    Not sure what you're asking. I used the smaller one from your second link with no trouble. I'm sure that other one would work, too. What I want is a pair of head phones that have 3.5mm as a plug so I dont' have to use an adapter. I don't see any issue with damaging the connector.
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    Looking for a headphone adaptor so i can hook up the 700w to external speakers...for playing music and such...

    I did a search of the forum and saw that a lot of users were complaining about their connectors becoming damaged from use of these adaptors...mostly with the Seidio...but that was on the 650 and I don't know if the 700w will have the same issues...I guess if Palm makes one it should be ok and I'll probably buy that one.

    Stereo Audio over Bluetooth (A2DP) is said to be included on the next firmware release for the 700w. With that you wont have to worry about any connectors becoming damaged.
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    Let us know which you get, and if it works well for music.
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    I have the Seidio - Expensive. I just saw one at Best Buy for $14.00 hiding in among all the generic phone holsters and headsets.

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    I just got a Seidio adapter, it works like a champ!
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