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    Good day all, here is my review after living with my Plantronics 640 for over a month. I LOVE IT!!! My first one had a manufacturing defect and the ear jels came out too easily. Company feedback was exceptional and I was sent a new one to exchange with the old one. I have found it extremely easy to hear with and to be heard with. The review left out some important info. The headset can be held in place with ear jels only or with an optional and included ear support, (wire coated). Due to extensive cervial (neck) spinal surgery, I am unable to wear the ear jels as the only means of support and I need to use the optional wire loop. (due to nerve damage from the surgery, I have extreme discomfort with anything that comes moderately deeply into the ear canals, such as ear buds, or even ear gels, which just go into the center of the ear, but not in the canal. The loop allows be to have the ear gel slightly out of contact with the out edge of the ear canal. The gel only route, allows you to hold the headset in place with your choice of three different size gels, which are also supplied. Since it weighs almost nothing, it can stay in place all day without a loop, if it is comfortable for you. The case has a mirror on the back to allow you to see if you have "implanted" it properly in your ear, until you get the hang of it, by rote. Even with using the wire loop, the sound is very clear. I should explain that comment a little. a. the ear gel only route, keeps the ear pece very close to the ear drum, making easier to hear. b. the wire loop, keeps the headset slightly further out of the ear. However, on some people, (this matters as ears are totally unique in fact, the FBI, is working on an ear "print" (photos or scans of the shape of ones ear), data base), the gel in the ear, actually, presses the ear slightly and blocks some incoming sound. (similar to lightly pressing your finger tip into your ear). I wonder how the sound quality would be rated by the reviewer, if tried with the wire support, as well as just with the gels. (while I have an unusal sensitivity to anything too deep in my ear, my entire family hears sound better if an ear "bud" or gel is not firmly in place. This may be the case for others. If so, you may which to try this to see if you hear better. I plug mine into the charger ever 3rd night and always use the "aaa" adapter. However, if you shut off the headset and place it in the "charger sleeve" with the "aaa" battery, it will last over two weeks of moderate use! It is my understanding is that we have to ask PALM, to pressure Plantronics to make and sell an adapter, which would actaully be sold by PALM and not Plantronics for the charger adpater. I also think I will remove the form fitting innards to the supplied case and make my own foam liner to accept gels in the size I like as well as, the charger, which I think is thin enough to fit into the case, when I get the change I will measure. Additional ear gels and wire loops are extremly inexpensive and easy to get online. Take care, Jay
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    thanks for that. i think i am going to go for one

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