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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Caf
    The new version can be downloaded from handmarks website. The new version is v2.0.1 (r1377). I'll find out Saturday if the bug is fixed.
    Cool. Thanks.

    I wish they included the build # on their web page (or informed us through their otherwise useless "Extras" channel.
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    Well the new version didn't fix it, same bug still there, manual updates on weekends when auto-updates are enabled Mon-Fri but Disabled Sat/Sun causes update loop.
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    Well, I think they may finally have fixed it. I downloaded a new copy about a week ago, just to see if they had made a new version, and this is v2.0.1 (r1398). And so far it appears to not go into the update loop on the weekend if the custom update is set to only auto-update M-F. I'll give it another try next weekend and see if it still doesn't loop.
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