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    Sprint Treo 650 running software 1.12a, Goodlink v4.7.0.25

    On a fresh Treo (after a hard reset) and having done nothing but install Goodlink OTA, pressing option+Phone pulls up the Goodlink Contacts app. This is good and desirable. What's even better is what happens if you hit option+Phone again. Say the last thing you did in the Contacts app was call someone, so when you jump back to Contacts, you're looking at the contact you last called. Another press of option+Phone will jump back to the last search you did with the search term selected (highlighted), so you can see the results of the search AND you can just immediately start typing over the search terms to start another search. Successive presses of option+Phone will clear the search and show all contacts in your current folder, and then clear the contacts display entirely.

    The reason this is Good is that from any app, anywhere on the phone, no matter what state the Contacts app is in, if I want to search for somebody in my Contacts, I know that I can hit option+Phone twice and start keying in a search query.

    However, if the option+Phone button is EVER touched in the Treo Prefs application, this behavior dies. I think hitting the Defaults button in the Prefs app does it too. Interestingly, if you look at it just after the Goodlink install, the Prefs application shows option+Phone as still assigned to Web (Blazer). You can assign option+Phone to the Goodlink Contacts application, but successive presses of option+Phone just take you right back to where you were. If you were looking at a particular contact's details, pressing option+Phone just displays that again. This sucks because to look up a contact, you need to hit option+Phone and then figure out where to navigate based on what state the Contacts app is in.

    Short of a hard reset and Goodlink reinstall, is there any way to get back the original installed behavior of option+Phone? Goodlink (and a few apps that are all downloaded via Goodlink) is all I need on my Treo, but several of my coworkers have a little more "invested" in their setup and starting over from a hard reset is no fun for them. Doing an OTA reinstall doesn't appear to work.
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    At first glance, I don't have an answer. To be honest, I didn't even know option-Phone did that. I have mapped my side key to contacts. Have you tried reprovisioning to see if it remapped?

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