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    Quote Originally Posted by estroh
    How did you get Ringo Pro to work? It isnt playing the mp3 assigned for me.
    If you are not using the latest ringo pro, then you might want to try ringo with ptunes. Ringo like to use the ptunes engine. Please try that.
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    I have tried them all mring, Ringo, Call Filter, etc. My favorite has been LightWav. I used to get frozen with SMS with both mring and Ringo. It has been a couple of months and LightWav has given me no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centtreo
    I am using MRing now, and for the most part am very satisfied. However I am not able to adjust the volume for any ringers, despite changing profiles? ideas?
    I have been w/ mRing for some time now. They used to have that feature, where you could adjust the ring volume for any contact, catagory, and so-on. Don't know why they got rid of it. They are kind of wierd about adding features and then taking them back out.
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    Does mRing STILL slow down your treo after a ring has occured? Measuring things with PalmInternals, I found the treo slowed down TENS of times after a MP3 ringer had, um, rung.

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    I vote for Treo default Manager. Gives ya two for peeps ya wanna talk to and one for peeps ya don't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centtreo
    I am using MRing now, and for the most part am very satisfied. However I am not able to adjust the volume for any ringers, despite changing profiles? ideas?
    Not sure if this will work, but if you have volumecare pro, you can try boosting the volume for mring in the apps setup.
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    fwiw - the latest beta of phone technician includes the option to boost the volume of calls as well a providing mp3 ringtones and a few other features. The mp3 ringtones are simple (one ring fits all) - but should be stable. - And you don't need to buy a seperate mp3 player.
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    bought both mRing & Ringo Pro ... haven't used Ringo Pro in some time as it gave me a case of the reboots quite often ... mRing does not. Back a few versions mRing used pTunes and it was really good for a while, but now with its internal ring it takes like a second to shut a ring off when you have an incoming call.

    Might try Phone Tech, or Call Filter first, but if those two don't work, use mRing over RingoPro & Lightwav.
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    I've been really surprized, I set up Ringo Pro a while back and totally forgot about it until it was registration time.. It just *worked*. Not a problem since as well.
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    Ringo Pro interfered with the Bluetooth in my car (Acura). Mring has an annoying 1-2 second delay when answering. I'm going to try Phone Technician, even though it can't assign different ringtones to various contacts.
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    mring did an update on 5/19/06, not sure what they did.
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    A matter of fact any 3rd party app as ringtone manager will either work or it won't. Obviously some people are having problems and some are not. As for my Ringo it didnt work all the time my phone would reset itself in the middle of a call or when an incoming call came in. Or just shut off entirely.
    So I called the manufacture and they gave me refund with out any questions The rep didnt know why it would work on some phones and not others but did admit they have issues with the Treo.
    I also called palm and spoke with a technician and even tho they sell ringo on their website and they tell me the dont recommend any 3rd party software for the treo 650. It's a crap shoot!

    If anyone out there has used any other program as a ringtone manager Please let me know Im willing to try em all till i find one that works.....

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    Do you have room in internal memory for mp3s that have been trimmed to around 20 seconds (you can even incode them with a low bitrate to save additional room)? If so, then I would recommend using Minitones to trim the mp3s and to put them into the internal ringtone manager. That way you're not using 3rd party software to manange the ringtones. Use the built-in phone app favorites buttons to assign the ringtones to individual contacts. Rock solid and free! I've posted a few times about this on the board, because it seems not many have heard about it.
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    Well, I am happy with Callfilter. No problems with it.
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