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    I use treoguard to automatically turn on/off the phone.
    I noticed that since the last fw/sw upgrade, when the phone is automatically turned on, the phone application will show "SOS, emergency call only" instead of the actual carrier. What is weird is that the phone is actually register to the my carrier, since I can receive and make phone call. Just the "phone label" seems to be wrong.

    This happens only if the phone is automatically turned on from a stand-by. Otherwirse the correct carrier name is shown.

    Did anyone else noticed this?

    Is this a problem with treoguard?
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    Yes, after I upgraded to 1.17 cng I have the same thing, I just ignore it, as it works fine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fasuin
    "SOS, emergency call only"
    check your signal strength when it's displayed. i get that when the radio signal is low.
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    i got this when i went to firmware 1.71 it seems to go away as soon as i run any application and then go back to the phone. doesn't impact usage. too low on my list of current annoyances to bother with it.
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    I'm ignoring this as well... just curios to see if others are being affected...

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