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    Did anybody else know this could be done?

    Get Gmail on the go!
    Now you can access your Gmail messages from the web browser on your mobile phone or device. Read and reply to your Gmail messages any time, anywhere.

    It's free. (But your wireless plan might still charge, so you might want to check with your provider first.)
    It's smart. It can handle attachments like photos and .pdf files.
    It also has these cool features:
    Automatically optimizes the interface for the phone you're using
    Opens the attachments you receive in messages, including photos, Microsoft Word documents and .pdf files
    Lets you reply by call to people whose phone numbers are in your Gmail Contacts list

    Try it out now!
    Gmail Mobile should work on most web enabled mobile phones and devices that have a wireless data plan. Try it out for yourself.

    Point your phone's web browser to
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    Yeah, it's been mentioned before. It works. I've used it several times.

    Good Luck
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