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    just got my first smartphone yesterday, a treo 650. I have a problem when I send emails, I keep getting an error message that says the following:

    550#5.1.0 Address

    Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!

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    I assume the email address you are sending to, works from a PC.

    What have you set up as your "outgoing server" for the VersaMail account you have set up?

    On Sprint, I had to use as the outgoing server to get my mail to go out on my Comcast mail account set up in VersaMail, as directed by Sprint tech support. Not sure why, but it worked. Mail still appears as it is coming from me at my Comcast email address --its just being routed thru the Sprint server on its "outbound" journey from my Treo..
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    Hi gtwo,

    I tried your suggestion but it didnt work, so I switched it back to what was originally listed as the server (

    Can anyone else help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob7582
    Hi gtwo,

    I tried your suggestion but it didnt work, so I switched it back to what was originally listed as the server (

    Can anyone else help?

    Just in case, I have to ask -- did you also set your sprint username and password under the advanced settings for that particular VersaMail account when you set Sprint as the outgoing server?

    Advanced, Outgoing Server Settings Screen
    Also check the Use authentication (ESMTP) box.
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    I have also noticed, that if you are replying to an email --- the adress being replied to shows up in VersaMail with < > around the address. If my email won't go thru due to bad address, I have edited these off the address in the "To:" line and then the email goes thru fine. . . . .
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    I tried removing the <> from the email address, and still no luck.
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    Well Bob7582, no one is taking pity on us and jumping into the fray here. I assume you are recieving emails. If you are on Sprint, Tech Level 2 has been very helpful for me.

    866-818-1858 is the help line for data support. From there, that line is answered by Tech Level one -- who usually send you over to Tech Level Two, fairly quickly.

    Good Luck.
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    Charter does not allow you to send thru their SMTP server unless you are attached to the network using the charter service. This is generally true, to prevent anyone from sending a ggazillion spam emails thru their server. Almost no ISP allows this sort of relaying.

    HOWEVER, most DO allow you to get to their SMTP server thru a mobile operators network, providing you use the mobile operators email. I can send thru Charter from T-Mobile, for example. Since you didn't specify a mobile carrier, I cannot help you with mail settings. You can probably find them on your mobile operators web page. With T-Mo, I set up using on the T-Mo mail setup page on the web, then send from the phone to T-Mo (which in turn uses charter).
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    Thanks for the info. I use charter for email and Sprint for my Treo. any additional help would be greatly appreciated.


    I tried Tech Support yesterday, after being on hold for 20 min, level one sent me over to level 2. After being on hold for over an hour, I hung up. they did'nt even tell me what the anticipated wait time is. However I did this all through *2. I will try the number you listed.

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    Also, this may serve as another clue. I can send emails to my home email address, They arrive within seconds on my computer. Its only when I send to other email addressess that I get the error message.
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    I'm pretty sure that it is the charter SMTP server rejecting the relay attempt. Just out of curiosity, can you send to other charter users, and just non-charter addresses are rejected?

    As gtwo said "On Sprint, I had to use as the outgoing server to get my mail to go out on my Comcast mail account set up in VersaMail, as directed by Sprint tech support." This works because most ISPs allow relay from a mobile carrier email systems so that folks can get/send email from mobile devices. However, virtually all ISPs disallow the use of their SMTP servers by anyone on the internet. See ->

    What you need to do is to configure it to use sprint mail to get to charter mail. I don't use Sprint, so can't really help you. Either Sprint tech support, or maybe posting a thread called "Help setting up Versamail w/Sprint", or maybe gtwo can tell you all of hte setup that he did to get it to work w/comcast (should be the same). I assume that there is setup on the sprint side (prolly via the web) to get the sprint mail service configured to use the underlying charter service.

    You'll end up using the spring SMTP server in versamail, and the charter SMTP server in the sprint mail setup somehow.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info. I was able to send an email to my father, who also has a charter account, so I think you are right. I was on thephone with tech support at Sprint for over an hour last night and they couldnt get it to work, but they didnt have me change the outgoing server. The tech support guy said he was going to call me back today, I hope he is telling the truth. If he calls, I will give him your suggestion. Thank you.

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    I have read a ton of posts on Charter now allowing relaying and understand the theory.

    The problem I am having is finding a solution. I have tried Cingular's smtp ( as outgoing as some suggested and it worked for a short period of time, but has not worked now for a month or so.

    I have also tried which worked for a short period of time, but no more.

    My aol accounts work fine, but it seems Charter is more stubborn.

    Has anyone found a solution for an outgoing server that will allow me to send email through my Charter account???

    Thanks in advance!
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    I also have a sprint treo and have charter as my email. I have been able to receive all my emails but I can't send. I was on the phone with sprint tech support for 2 hours to have them tell me to call charter and when I called charter they told me to call sprint Please if anyone knows anything! My sister said she knew someone at charter and he knew exactly what the problem was but he hasn't called her back with the info. If I get this figured out I'll let ya know.
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    Ok, if you are using sprint, you are going to have to call them. You will need to use their SMTP server for outgoing mail in the versamail settings. This is going to require you to authenticate with a E-mail which also means that you need to have the password. The only catch is that Sprint does not allow you to control your password. Huh? Yeah, that's crazy to me! I had to call and have a level 2 tech reset my password. I was told they don't give that password to the user, nor can the user do anything with managing that password. How's that for some stellar customer service? So, get all of this done before hand and follow these directions Anyway, here is how I got Versamail to work on my Palm Centro. Good luck!
    Go to account set up
    Enter new account E-mail address and other ifo
    On the next screen enter the E-mail info after selecting Pop
    Incoming mail server: (mail.charter.ent)
    Outgoing mail sever:
    Click Next and on the advanced screen make sure port 110 is selected for outgoing
    Click next and make sure the SMTP server is on port 25. Check the box for use authentication (ESMTP).
    User name:
    Password: Whatever Sprint resets it to.

    That should do it. I hope this helps you out. Works great, but I am not impressed with the battery life on the centro when using versamail. I had to drop auto-synch down to 3 hours just to make the battery last a day!
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    ive been having a big problem with sending emails from my versamail client on my treo. this has been going on for about 3 months now.

    everytime i try and send outgoing mail i get this error
    550 5.1.2 Connection rejected:

    for some reason Sprint doesnt even show up in my list as an email account? so ive been selecting the "Other" option why would that be. somebody check and see. i am running this version on my treo Versamail 3.5.5
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    Sprint cancelled the sprintpcs email server a couple of months ago. Search for it and you'll find several long threads on the subject including alternatives.
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    I knew it had something to do with that last update I did. I was tricked! I thought I'd at least b able to use it til the end of the year but I guess that's there way of sunsetting their email. thx!

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