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    After seeing all of the great reviews, I decided to try Chatter. I have it installed. I have a POP3 account managed by earthlink. I have been able to use Snapper with this account for at least a year with no problems sending or receiving. Using the same POP3 Account settings in Chatter, I can only receive. When I try to send I get this error: "Sending Error:504LOGIN mechanism not supported your message has been saved in Drafts"

    Please Help.

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    What server address are you using?

  3.    #3 to receive, to send. I can receive, I can't send
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    It looks like you're attempting to use SMTP authentication and the server doesn't support SMTP auth and is using an IP address list for relay control?
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    I think you have to use as the server.

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    Thanks Marc,

    That changes the error to a more generic "Sending Error". Other thoughts?


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