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    Installed v1.20/1.71 for Unlocked GSM Treo 650...I am getting the following error "Preferences.c,Line:263 PrefDB Open Error" upon opening various apparent pattern and does not happen all the time. Though it causes me to restore Saved/Unsaved Preferences each time.

    Any thoughts...I hate to reinstall all my apps again...what a pain...
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    Okay...after researching ... I find that this can occur do to clearing of DBCache and then the app looking for the database again (in profile care, keycap, etc.) My guess is v1.20 is much more efficiency and better at clearing the cache to allow room for apps to run (and not crash due to lack of memory). In the meantime, it has increased the instability in background apps like profilecare, keycap, etc.

    Any thoughts on my conclusions???? Any one else seeing this after updating to v1.20...let me know and others if so.
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    Don't run any dbcache tools on 1.20.
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    I am not.

    Though I am running Resco Locker (locking KeyCAp, ClipPro, and others)--due to this DB open error. To see if it helps. I also uninstalled ProfileCare...
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    I don't see much play here...but will try again.

    I have now disabled Keycap650...seems to be working...but too early to tell...again anyone have this issues with V21.20/1.71?????

    khaytsus, do you consider Resco Locker a DBcache tool??? And why not on v1.20????
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    I think khaytsus was referring to the dbCacheTool.prc app which you shouldn't need (or use) with the 1.20 fw update. The 1.20 update has an improved cache manager built-in so it replaces the dbCacheTool.prc function.

    Given how hard it is to reproduce/debug these issues, I'd keep using Resco Locker for a day or two to see if the 'lost prefs resets' go away. If they don't the next thing to try is PrefDoctor which trys a couple of other techniques to eliminate some of the root causes. It's been very useful to a number of us that haven't been able to upgrade fw yet (e.g. me on a Sprint/cdma 650). The app is free and marked beta only while the developer was trying to determine it's effectiveness.
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    Jeff Gibson indicated that if you power off-on (with the red button), it will flush the RAM to the NVFS volume.

    I have been doing that before doing aything major. It takes a second to do amd it may be helping. I am not running 1.20. I am not running Resco Locker. I have not had any Preference-nuking reset since I re-installed all my applications as sescribed in
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