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    I picked up this headset because I love the caller ID feature....I'm one of those guys who screens every call...

    anyway maybe i should have researched more - i also want to be able to initiate calls and other functions (once i get the software) via voice commands..

    Does the combo of treo 650 and sony HBS-662 support this? Do I need additional software (just of the voice tags part...)?

    Thanks for any info...

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    Anyone? Surely this phone must be able initiate calls via bluetooth voice commands - the instructions on the palm say refer to the bluetooth device instructions, and the instructions on headset say to refer to the phone device!! pleae help!!!

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    Cannot be done. There are threads here on the topic and it is brought up in several others. Closest you can get is have the Treo microphone pick up the command and transfer to the headset.
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    The problem is not the headset...the problem is the Treo. The treo doesn't support the ability to use the bluetooth headset to initiate voice commands.

    You either have to use a wired headset, or initiate them from the handset.
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    Go here and read the part near the bottom about the treo 650. It can be done but it is limited.
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    Might be way off since i haven't grabbed a bluetooth headset yet...
    but in poking around the new gsm firmware under system>prefs>handsfree
    Voice Tags: Setup
    "The Speed Dial Favorites on your Treo can be setup to dial using voice tags on Bluetooth handsfree devices"

    Is this in fact new and does it work?.....
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    I think that the voice-tags require the device to do the voice recognition. Some car kits probably have the capacity for it but not the headsets. Not yet for any reasonable price at least. And the manufacturers probably won't bother since BT 1.2 devices support the voice dial functionality.

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