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    Does any one know if the Vaja T66 case will fit the new Treo700? I just got this case for my treo 650 and was thinking of going to the 700, but do not want to spend another $150, when I have this beautiful new one.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I bought the vaja T65 case for the 650 for my 700 and it fits very well. I'm very happy with it. If the case you mentioned worked for the 650 it should also work for the 700.
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    Thank you
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    Does the Treo slide in and out of your pants pocket with the vaja case? I've been thinking about getting one, but am concerned that it will not fit in my jeans or khaki pants pocket.
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    The treo in the t65 case does still fit in my front pocket, but it is definitely bulkier and a little heavier. I think it is worth it for the added protection. The case is beautifully engineered and a pleasure to hold.
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