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    This seems like a dumb question to me but somehow I doubt there's a built-in fix on the Treo, but how do I link apps I have on my SD card so they show up on my Main screen? The only way I can get to them is to flip through to the Card category. And when I hit Category from the Menu on the Card page, it sends me to categories from the internal memory with no option to view SD categories. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Because you can't do the category in SD Card.
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    To view the applications on your card along with the icons for the applications on your Treo, you can use software like LauncherX or ZLauncher.
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    Moving programs manually is just that, you took soemthing out of one place and pout it soemwhere else. Moving with a launcher (i.e. PowerRUN) leaves a small hook in main memory....this hook "reeles in" the program off the card when you hit the icon that the launcher links to the hook. It then let's you "catch and release" the prohgram back to the SD card when you close it.
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    In installed Z launcher recently. It is worth every penny. It greatly enhances the functionality of my Treo 650 and fully integrates the SD card into the operations of my Treo.
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    I got CalendarGirls.pdb (yes, I'm very sad, thanks) and put it on the SD Car as it is about 14Mb. When I try to open, using LauncherX, to view the .pdb on the card, it asks if I want to move it to Applications and looks as though it trys to load it into the Treo Memory but theres not enough space...any suggestions? (don't bother saying it, yes, I know I've got to get out more)

    How do you load a .pdb from the SD Card to launch from within Applications without having to open the .pdb and load into Treo RAM...?

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