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    i am trying to transfer over NES games to my internal memory (treo 650), using file browser, but i cant seem to create a connection. I dont understand why? any step by step? or better methods? says i need a tool.
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    The problem is, is that Palm Quick Install or the Palm Installer does not recognize the NES roms, so you will need to use a card reader to get them on the card or eventually in your ram. You can also try and email it to your self and then download it, it may not work but you can try. It is worth it to just get the NESem ROM Installer and do it from there.

    Good Luck
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    NESem ROM Installer? where can i get that?
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    okay i installed a rom using the ROM installer, now where do i find the nes game on treo? i am using LJP

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