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    Can Anyone Let Me Know How To Input More Types Of Cooler Fonts For The Treo 650 Or If It Is Possible To Run A Clie Type Version Of The Os.
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    also suggest FontSmoother in addition to Fonts4OS5
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    true, forgot I was even using that...
    "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
    - Albert Einstein
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    Ah, I was just going to post something about this subject, so I'll just hijack this thread (which, BTW, should and likely will get moved to a more appropriate forum)...

    So my question is this: The latest version of FontSmoother doesn't require Fonts4OS5, but can supposedly still work with it. So what are the various pros/cons of all of these apps? Why might I want to use Fonts4OS5 in conjunction with FontSmoother, instead of just using FontSmoother? I just downloaded FontSmoother a few days ago, so that's the only app I have experience with. I'm likin' these anti-aliased fonts, but before I pay up for something I want to know which app(s) I should go with.
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    Just a warning - Fonts4OS5 is a major resource (hede) hog. My PalmInternals spped test went from 2 secs without it to 37 secs with it!
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    Fonts4OS5 often messes up Blazer for me where the menus stop working (appear blank), text disappears, etc. but it only seems to affect blazer.
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