After my first succesful HotSynch on my Treo 650 I was shocked to find all of my custom categories had been deleted on both my desktop AND my handheld. This included my 15 custom categories in my Contacts, 6 categories in Datebook and 15 categories in Tasks.

I had been using these calegories on my previous devices (Kyocera 7135 and Palm Vx) with no problems and the categories existed on both my desktop and handheld.

Since they were deleted on both my desktop and handheld is there any way to restore them without modifying all 700+ records in my Contacts? (I have a backup of a previous sync but I have since made changes to contact records on my handheld)

How do I prevent this from happening again?

I use Datebk5 v5.4a for my Datebook, Address Pro v6.6 for my Contacts -- does this have anything to do with it?