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    anyone having problems with avantgo today? no problems until today.....getting hotsync error as follows:

    "Avantgo closed the connection to this page because it was idle too long"
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    Yeah, avantgo is sucking today (get what you pay for). You can still get to some content by going to the channel manager.

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    I get the same error message...guess I'll just basically do without for a day

    (Hopefully only a day...)
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    that's strange, same message for me, however, when i go into channel manager i see that my Beyond2000 channel actually synced! all the others were timed out.

    I wonder why that one channel managed to squeak through?
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    ALL of my channels synched, but I got the same error message. I think the thing thats not synching is that start page that lists your channels, since hitting the house brings you to channel manager.
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    Originally posted by dyrlac
    Yeah, avantgo is sucking today (get what you pay for). You can still get to some content by going to the channel manager.

    but aint it sweet that when the crucial element falls down (ie the home page) the designers have a built in workaround that swiftly takes you to the Channel Manager so's you can still get to what you want (well all that sync'd anyways...)

    can't remember many other (non-palm) apps that did this in my long gone days of pc reliance
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    Ditto here. It's a relief to hear that it wasn't just me.
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    thank gwad I was'nt the only one with this problem today. Never happened before.
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    Just synced (EST) and it seems to be working now.
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    I got the message for "Intranet Design Magazine Unwired edition". All of the other channels appeared to sync okay.

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    Looks like they are still having problems today. I keep getting a network time-out error. I can't function without my up to the minute fix of AvantGo! I'm already having withdrawals...and its only been 3 hours since I've been "disconnected"!
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    has anyone considered that after the festive period two major facts come into play

    1. A mass of palm devices would have been given as gifts across the globe, desperate to get web content sign up with AvantGo, and

    2. Folks who only sync from the comfort of the office are returning from their holidays, and requiring a complete re-sync of all their data

    the end result is huge overload at avantgo

    Bah humbug!!!!!!!

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