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    Went for a 1 hour workout. Left 650 in my bag with full battery.
    Finished, reached for my phone was 'off' but very hot.
    It wouldn't turn on. Had to soft reset and battery was remely low'.
    This is the 3rd time this has happened in the last few days.
    Any ideas?
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    what 3rd party apps are you running?
    ... you might just get a new unit if possible too.
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    I had that happen to me once.. ONCE..

    Seriously, I removed the battery and it was fixed.. I was wondering what happened, but it only happened once.. *shrugs*
    Unlocked Treo 650 (Nov 05) BTW: T-Zones sux!
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    Sounds like you had the cell phone turned on but the screen off. You were probably unable to pick up a signal inside the building, but the Treo, God bless it, sure tries hard. I have this problem a lot at my current job where I can just barely get a signal inside the building. My Treo 650 gets quite warm.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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