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    Quote Originally Posted by jlee6
    This is a strange bug in the update patch. I am using the unlocked GSM update from PalmOne (i.e. not a modified update). I originally did not have any problems with the smiley faces. However, all of the sudden, now I am having that problem with some of my chat conversations. Another interesting twist is that in the chat thread the smiley face does not show up, instead I see ":-)", but in the sent items folder, the smiley face shows up . Also, if I erase the chat and start again with a new message, the smiley faces return to the chat thread. How odd.

    I noticed this as well. If using threaded chats AND if the smiley is the last thing in the message then it doesn't show up as graphical, even though the smileys earlier in the same message do. If viewing only single message, the smileys are always graphical. Looks like a bug to me although I haven't noticed others reporting about this problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by filippos
    I solved the problem with the 160 characters. It has to do something with the sim card. Meanmusic said that it is probably a problem of the network so I borrowed the sim card of a friend of mine who is on a network that sells the treo. I put it in and with this sim card SMS worked fine. Afterwards I put my own sim card back in and suddenly I could write SMS messages longer then 160 characters again. I dont know if it was just luck but thats how it worked on my treo.
    Cool. It works for me too.

    Thanks, Kreso
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