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    I am creating a plug-in for Genius to inform me of the next set of trains that I can take to get to/from work.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to pass system values, specifically current date and current time, into a Genius plug-in?

    Specifically, I need to pass the following variables through to the URL:

    VAR1 Originating station
    VAR2 Destination station
    VAR3 Date of travel
    VAR4 Time of travel
    VAR5 Base query on time of arrival or departure

    In the following working example, I have "hard-coded" the following variables: VAR1, VAR2, VAR5.


    My plug-ins work as they are, but if I could automatically pass today's date (DDMMYY format) and the current time (HHMM format), it would allow me to make my queries a near one-touch process and allow me to use the <REPLACE1> and <REPLACE2> as the stations of interest -- making the plug-in suitable for someone that uses UK rail stations other than Bedford and Blackfriars.

    Input/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I assume you have asked this in the Hobbyist forum where the author can answer directly ?,17.0.html
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