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    So my Treo 600 is showing a few minor quirks. Nothing major, but an occasional annoyance. I'm told to do a hard reset and reinstall everything. I figure if I have to go through all that (I have LOTS of 3rd party apps!), I may as well finally get a 650. I wanted to hold out---there may be a 700p with Ev-Do one day. But then again, by the time it's released and comes to a reasonable price and gets the first generation bugs out could be two years and that's a long time.

    SO...I made a huge mistake and upgraded. It's literally costing me a week of time. I must have 30 hours invested in this.

    Chapter 1

    First, I get everything reinstalled. Major hassle. All registrations have to be re-entered on the new machine. Ebooks (I carry about 300) have to be re-categorized. My launcher app has to be set up again. Then I find that Treo 650 uses a different file system and I can no longer sync to Lotus Organizer. I foresaw this one day, but I am not happy about it. I have to manually export all my data to Palm Desktop. But I'm finally up.

    That Lotus Organizer issue turns out to be a big one, I suspect as Hot Sync has now conduits that it can't use that just say "do nothing" and it crashes every time you try to change them. Palm's glorious tech support, when I ask them how to sync to LO, says, "Call Lotus." Then they finally have the decency when I ask again to say the Treo has a different file system and there might be an update I can download--and maybe not--from Lotus. Thanks a lot. You know, I know there are a lot of 3rd party apps, but Microsoft, for instance, keeps track of what conflicts with Windows. You'd think Palm could have advice beyond "we don't support anything, do a hard reset, see what happens."

    Anyway--Lotus, still the best Calendar and Contacts program on the market though not modified for some 7 years, is now history. I'm not happy about that.

    Chapter 2 Theme from JAWS in the background
    I run a small backup program on the Treo. It freezes the Treo. I have no choice but to reset, which mangles my 2gb SD card. I have to reformat the card. THat means reinstalling several more apps and reindexing all the ebooks again. Plus, now I find that several apps in main memory don't work properly. Reinstall. I bite the bullet and hard reset the PDA, and literally start over again. I find out from the backup company that they have a new version out, and they think it will work better with 650. So I upgrade. Nice to know. Right?
    Was the card defective or did Right Backup mangle it? Hard to say? It was working fine in Treo 600.

    I wish I had kept my 600.

    Chapter 3 First sign all will never be well again

    I have trouble with the hot sync process, though. It is fitful and doesn't quite finish. My calendar is not restored after the hard reset. Finally back up, but no calendar data imported. Hmmm.

    Chapter 4
    And now I find I can't hot sync at all. The entire installation seems corrupted. Concerned, I run my little upgraded backup program on the Treo to keep my data safe. It freezes the Treo again despite my having reformatted the card, and this time I find that the SD card is permanently damaged. Some apps run fine from it, but others are reporting bad sectors. Add another $120 to the cost for a replacement. PLUS, I'm finding now that the Treo doesn't "auto" off. At one point I could not turn it off at all while Ptunes was playing. They have a new release. The software's fault or the Treo's? The corruption? Who knows?

    Chapter 5
    Palm certainly doesn't. After 3 TS calls, subsequent to a dozen or so emails, we narrowed it down to:

    --It is a 3rd party app (although I use the same ones as on the Treo 600)
    --It is a defective cable
    --It is a defective Treo

    One tech tells me there is nothing more he can do about the corrupted Hot Sync installation. Another tells me how to clean the registry.

    So far--another day coming playing with the computer.

    hey, that 650 has a nicer screen. If only I could stop playing with the installation long enough to look at it.

    Honestly--if I could wave a magic wand and put everything back the way it was, I'd throw the 650 out the window and use the 600 until it literally died.

    And so, 2 days later...

    Palm decided the problem is the desktop installation. Ok. Let's waste two more days of my time.

    First I reinstall the desktop software. Doesn't work.

    Then I uninstall and reinstall it. Doesn't work.

    Then I uninstall it, clean the registry and reinstall. Who want's to guess...doesn't work.

    Then, I uninstall it again, clean the registry again and rename my Handspring folder to start totally clean.

    Doesn't Work!

    Palm notwithstanding, and several prior hard resets notwithstanding, I conclude the problem has to be with the Palm. I'm just not sure if it is software or hardware. But despite concerns over data integrity at this point, not to mention having to enter unlock codes for ebooks and recategorize hundreds potentially yet again, I do another hard reset.

    Then I tell Palm desktop just to restore my basic data, like memos, contacts.

    Voila. It works. Then the driver disappears. I reinstall it. And it really works.

    I reestablish my apps. The ones I distrust at this point are Right Backup (a crash mangling my card may have initially helped cause this), and LauncherX. A lot of peculiarities, like the Treo not turning off automatically, and not turning off at all with MP3s playing, seem related to LauncherX now. I think that was the culprit.

    And finally...everything works.

    BUT...still have to get a new SD card. I have learned the hard way that that sometimes comes with its own issues. And then to reinstall things to there. And hope the change of card doesn't freak out Docs to Go, AvantGo and Splash Photo.

    If it does, someone shoot me now.

    I'm delighted to find that Palm has once again changed all the jacks, I can't use my old travel charger. I also can't seem to get Chainpus wireless keyboard to work. Wheeeeeeee!
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    I think you ran into every possible problem with the 650. Sorry.

    You can always move to a different OS, buy a used 600 off ebay cheap or wait for the 700p?
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    Had I known in advance, I would've done one of those things. Too late now--and seems finally to be working.

    I can't begin to describe the frustration level over the last week.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    Well, I was in a position to move from the 600 to something else. I wanted the 650 when it first came out, saw a lot of friends have problems with theirs (I kind of feel guilty because I encouraged them to get one, 1 sprint, 1 verizon) and decided to hold off. I couldn't keep waiting for the 700p so I took a plunge on a nearly new 6600. (Bliss-well almost, I am still learning).

    I am glad you got yours working. (Now you have a moral obligation to help everyone else that comes behind you...since I think you have the record for the most amount of problems out of the gate ;-)
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    Sorry about your problems. I am also running a bunch of programs original bought for the 600 (or maybe 270, or Visor.....)

    I'm running LauncherX without difficulty though. There is always a possiblity that it interaxcts in an odd way with another app of your that I don't have though.
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    Yeah, it's impossible to say, which makes this doubly frustrating.

    When Windows crashes, MS keeps a database of conflicting programs.

    Palm advertises Treo's ability to be a little computer and is happy about it--until it comes time to provide some help, then they shrug and say "reformat."

    I recognize there are a LOT of apps there, but while I have a lot, they are pretty much well known and recognized---Jot, Splash apps, Backgammon, AvantGo, EReader, MobiPocket, LauncherX, Ptunes and the like. There should be some corporate understanding of what Treo doesn't like.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.

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