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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums. Considering getting a Treo. I read in reviews of the 650 that Dial Up Networking was disabled in the initial phones but that a patch was coming out that would enable it to be used with a laptop as a wireless modem. Is this true? Thanks.
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    For some reason, I had trouble getting dial up networking to work when i upgraded last week.

    It's working fine now--and I can't say I had any solution but trying it again.

    I seleted "wireless modem" as the connection type in Network, entered my ISP data, and all is well.
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    I think this all depends on your cell carrier. For example, with my Treo 650 from Alltel, DUN works just fine. Other carriers may have it disabled.
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    I just got a Kensington Bluetooth adapter for my HP Notebook to use for Dial--Up Networking on my Treo 650.

    I installed the drivers okay on the PC, and I'm able to get the two bluetooth devices to pair up and work, but it takes four or five tries before they sync. Once the connection is established, though, it works fine.

    I have to go through this process every time. Anybody have any ideas on this and how to fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allocentric
    I think this all depends on your cell carrier. For example, with my Treo 650 from Alltel, DUN works just fine. Other carriers may have it disabled.

    Does Cingular have it enabled or diabled?

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    From doing a quick search on Google, it looks like Cingular has it disabled. However, the Treo hacker extraordinare Shadowmite apparently developed a patch to re-enable DUN on Cingular Treos. There's also this post from here at which seems to explain out some of the settings. I have no idea how stable Shadowmite's patch is, so as with any unsupported system extension... use at your own risk.

    Hopefully, though, an actual Cingular user can pop in with more accurate information.

    Edit: it also looks like there's another good set of directions to enable DUN on Cingular Treos. (it's Mac-specific, but gets you headed in the right direction if you're a Windows user).
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    thanks a lot

    the problem is i haven't bought the unit yet and wanted to confirm the DUN functionality before I purchsed...

    I may have to consider going with another carrier than Cingular
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    found this link... looks as if one could enable DUN legally without voiding warranty

    thanks all
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    FYI, here's a nice howto on setting up DUN on 650's with DUN enabled:

    Furthermore, even if DUN is not enabled such as in the case of Cingular 650's there is still the shadowmite BT patch as well as the use of PDAnet:
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    The current official updater 1.17 for Cingular (which can be downloaded @ Palm's website) has Dial-Up Networking re-enabled, so you don't need Shadowmite's DUN hack for this version.

    Here is the link to the Cingular updater:
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    thanks all... you guys arre great

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