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    Does anybody know the name of the company that makes those wonderful car mounts for Treo's? I have one in my car and for the life of me, I can't remember the name and I want to get one for my husband's car.

    Thanks much!!
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    Oh, yeah! I have one by ProClipUSA and I can't say enough about it. Install is rediculously simple and the darn thing just works. Spectacularly. The convenience of having your Treo right there at your fingertips is one of those things that makes you say, "How did I ever get along without this?".
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    rambo47 - Which mount did you get? I have the width-adjustable one covered in felt which is made for the iPod. I wanted to be able to use a case or w/o case and didn't what the mount to scratch my Treo. Plus I have an iPod (but usually I use a TuneDok with that).

    Anyway, just wondering it you have the mount made for the Treo. My Treo is a little loose with the padded mount but there is no way for the Treo to fall out and I like the versatility.
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    I have the mount for the treo from proclip and it fits perfectly. and it's awesome!
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    I just got one of the simple ones from Smartphone experts that's available in the Treocentral store. The vent mounts didn't work in my Civic, but the windsheild mount works fine. For $20 it works well, and I'll be able to use it on my next PDA (or with my current iRiver H-120) with out shelling out more dough.

    If money were no object, I'd have gotten a Seidio GPS mount from
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    I got the one specifically for the Treo, fits nice and snug. It's not at all adjustable as far as width goes.

    Looks like this:

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