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    I have had a Palm since...well the 1st Palm, I just transferred from Sprint to Verizon and have some observations.

    1) Sprint customer support...could not be any worse if they simply said F-U.
    2) Sprint coverage....same answer, no Euro coverage
    3) Once you have the bugs worked out...and do not rock the boat, fine
    4) No crashes, reprogrammed firmware or not, stable as a rock
    5) Verizon...2 hrs with T650 can consistantly crash the demon with Phone preferences...Impressive every time...crash, crash, crash..Love it! Way to make up for 5 yrs of a stable tool
    6) Coverage...same as Sprint, since I cannot change to Euro w/o crashing...

    So peeps, tell me why do you purchase Verizon T650's?
    If you had 2 T650's, Sprint and Vericrashin which would you keep?
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    I don't. I purchase a Cingular Treo 650 and I love it. Hasn't crashed in a loooooooooong time and I get Euro coverage.
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    LOL, this is really funny...Pick anything in the phone, dial a #, check minutes...LOL


    Amazing and impressive...I am thinking of rebuilding the firmware, cannot be worse even if I hose it, gotta to be better then this. Really 2hrs old, makes MSFT look good(&(&#%#*
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    Sprint with unlimited roaming works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1hamby
    Sprint with unlimited roaming works for me.
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    have cingular now.....service works ok, just tried verizon. Vz has better coverage and faster net/email.

    Not sure which to keep - btw, both phones are quite stable once you get them up and running - I have lots of third party apps on both devices without any major issues.
    Cingular 680
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    Did you have to take the phone home and activate it to figure out it had no overseas coverage? Typically this is the kind of thing that most of us figure out before we buy- instead of making it a negative point in an already redundant thread.
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