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    I have an *.aba file from my 600 that I want to import to my new 650. Is there a way to import them to the Sim card?

    Also the palm desktop does not appear to display SIM contacts.

    The SIM storage seems like a wise choice, am I right? All help is appreciated!
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    As far as getting the *.aba onto your 650, the easiest way would be to import them into the Palm Desktop software to the username for the 650 and then do a HotSync.

    I personally don't have any experience with a Treo650 that has a SIM card, but you will have a lot more flexibility with your contacts in the Palm DB VS contacts on a SIM card. The only advantage to having the contacts on a SIM card would be if you regularly change cell phones and are moving your SIM card around from phone to phone. There are however numerous advantages to having the contacts within the Palm DB.
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    Yonks was 100% right. I did an import from SIM and the contacts were available for edit and appeared in the Palm Desktop. Memory was a much better option over SIM. Thanks!

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