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    Besides the fact that .ogg is open source and readers are usually free....

    What's the technical benefit of .ogg? I ripped a few songs using mp3 and ogg at the same bitrate, both in stereo and the mp3's were SLIGHTLY smaller. Since mp3's are a more dominant format...I can't see a real reason to go with ogg since my player can handle both formats.

    Am I missing something?
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    Ogg is cooler. There is no licensing to rule over the format. I myself use mp3 and non-drm mp4.

    In some cases Ogg will be better than Mp3. It depends. Here is some information on Ogg.[Wikipedia]
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    Yes - you can often find higher audio quality with Ogg Vorbis over MP3 given the same bitrate/file size (or the same audio quality as MP3 but a lower file size than a comparable MP3). I have good ears and can't tell the difference on my home stereo between most of my 5MB MP3s and my Ogg Vorbis files which are each 2MB or less - big advantage right there.

    Here is some more info on the benefits of Ogg Vorbis:
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    ime, ogg may be slightly better and/or slightly smaller, but mp3 dominates the scene. There is nothing sexier than a 192kbps mp3 encoded with lame. just mho
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