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    Does anyone know if MS Virtual PC for the Mac will work to run the updater? Thanks.
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    it should. Once Virtual PC is installed, you put whatever operating system on that your choose. Windows XP will recognize the USB ports on your computer. I have not used the Mac version in a long time. But, I do run a Windows server that has 4 copies of Virtual PC running on it as well. All four will recognize all ports. When I did run a Mac with Virtual PC, the Windows app would recognize peripheral attached to the USB ports.
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    Thanks, JohnH59. I'm gonna give it a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalEarth
    Thanks, JohnH59. I'm gonna give it a try.
    Were you able to run the updater off of Virtual PC successfully?
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    Are there any other ways to install the GSM unlocked updater without having Virtual PC? God only knows when Palm will put a Mac version up. Tried searching the forums but didn't find any guidance, which I was suprised by. I thought there was a way to get the contents of the installer package out of the .exe and put them on the SD card and make them work? Love to get the improvements in BT, etc, that this is offering. Thanks!
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