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    Hi. I haven't had my treo for long yet as of last night, no one can hear me on the other end of the conversation. I chekced the reception and I have had four bars each time and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Are you a low talker?

    Seriously, though, is there anything blocking the microphone (bottom, to the right of the hotsync/power connector, opposite side of the headset plug)? Maybe your case is blocking the microphone enough to muffle your voice.

    Do you hear any buzzing on the phone when you are having a conversation? (I know that people had lots of problems hearing me when the buzzing problem was at its worst, before I solved it with some aluminium foil.)

    Have you tried using the headset? If people can hear you when you use the headset and there is nothing blocking the microphone, the mic might be pooched.
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    the mic uses contacts... its not hard wired.. take the back off and take a peek at it.. it could have come loose.

    i had that problem with my speaker... i re set the speaker in the slot and it works
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    had the same problem on my phone yesterday...sometimes with the aweful buzzing, sometime without.

    If you are comfortable opening the Treo, here is a very very easy fix. It involved tinfoil and is a solution that is very well known and very much used.
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    My speaker died after very little phone use. It was out of warranty by one month and Verizon said they couldn't do anything about it. Just one day after buying a replacement phone on ebay, the speaker miraculously started working again. Go figure!

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