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    I'm using SplashMoney for past few months without any problem. Recently, it has been giving me consistent problems. Now every time I enter a new transaction and tap on "Amt", it will do a complete auto-fill of all the blank boxes from a previous old entry. This problem occurs for every single new transaction I enter, which means I have to then blank out manually all the old information to enter new info. This problem also happens in every different account within SplashMoney. Anyone have a solution to this?

    I'm considering trying another checkbook program if I can't find a fix for this. One thing I must have is a companion desktop app to back up all the data on the handheld. Does anyone have opinions on UltraSoft Money or other similar app?

    Thanks, Casey
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    I'd go with Pocket Quicken, if you can deal with the hefty pricetag (plus another $50 or so for the desktop Quicken). It costs, but it works like a champ.
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    They are both good, but PQ doesn't have OTA syncing..
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    Thanks guys for your feedback. It turns out I had a simple error in my "Payee" list. I deleted the offending "Payee" item, and I no longer have the problem I described earlier. Now that my problem is fixed, I will stay with SplashMoney. But next time around if I need something new, I will try PocketQuicken as suggested. -CC.

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