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    I have been experience problems with my Treo 650 camera with the images looking like "infrared" images. All new images are like this. All old pictures, and other application images, are fine. So the screen is fine, the camera seems to be having issues. Has anyone experienced this and did you find a solution?
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    In the camera application, push menu.

    Under Photo Settings, what is "Effects" set to? Normal, B&W or Sepia?

    I suspect you got set to Sepia somehow. Set it back to normal.

    Did this work?

    Cheers, Perry
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    Thanks Perry. I checked and it is set at "Normal". Any other suggestions?
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    Bummer, I thought that was it. Needless to say, you probably do not have a piece of red cellophane over the lens, right?
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    I wish it was as simple as that!
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    Have you recently taken apart your Treo?
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    My Treo 650 camera looks like its in contant SEPIA mode. I did peel off the plastic covering on the back, just hope that didn't wack it out.
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    I've found that if my treo wakes up in the camera application and KeyguardTime+ (5.1.2) pops up, that I get a similar effect on the camera that lasts until a soft reset. I wonder if you have that, or something else running on the device that's tweaking your display somehow.
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    How do you soft reset?
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    Try using versamail - great soft resets every time!

    If that doesn't work, I usually just pull the battery out and pop it back in. way easier than messing with the stylus to push that button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macboy
    How do you soft reset?
    Take off the battery cover, and you'll find a small hole just to the left of the battery. Push your stylus into the hole and you'll press a button that soft resets your phone. It's very similar to restart on your computer.
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    Tried the soft reset TWICE and no dice. Any suggestions?

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