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    I just purchased a Treo 650 last night and installed the Sprint PCS Business Connection Personal Edition desktop client and Palm software. None of my new emails are being pushed to the device. I have "Push messages to my device" selected in Preferences. Manual and automatic synchronizing works fine but not push.

    Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sounds like you have everything set up correctly. Do you have "Smart Power sync" selected?
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    Check the Sprint BC website and make sure your messages are getting there. If so, there is a problem with the Treo client. If not, check the client on the desktop.
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    I actually have the auto sync enabled for every 15 minutes and have push enabled also. These are the exact settings I used on my old T600 and it worked perfectly so I just figured it would work the same on this unit.

    I am able to see all my corporate mail and contacts on the Biz Conn website.
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    Anyone have any other ideas what the problem could be?

    I did reinstall the Palm software for Biz Conn and it only pushed one email message to the device after it was all setup. I can't get anymore messages to get pushed successfully.
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    Try to re-register on the Palm. Settings/Biz Conn Info... Select New User and then OK. You will re-enter you credentials. I have seen this fix numerous other communication issues. I can't say I have seen it for you case, but, it's worth a try.
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    I re-registered the Palm device and it's still not working. The interesting thing is if I leave all the Biz Conn Palm preferences alone and not change anything, push works most of the time, however it's quite slow. If I change anything in the preferences it seems the push stops working after that. (i.e. Deselect "Append of signature," Enable Scheduled Sync, Disable Calendar sync, etc.)

    Any other ideas?
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    I have found that push email only works when I don't have the check box for "Only download messages sent directly to me (To, Cc)" selected. However, if I do a manual sync while this setting is enable, messages are received just fine; but none are ever pushed.

    Push email works just fine without the filter enabled.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

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