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    I just recently got a 8mb flash card. I am wanting to transfer some of my large applications to it. However I get an error message stating that it recommends I only copy the database b/c I will be unable to edit it once it is transferred to the module. I transferred anyway. When I attempted to access the file I got a fatal error message and had to reset. Therefore what can I transfer to the module? I have transferred some of my small piddly files. However the two programs I access the most often are 2MB and 4MB and I would like for at least one of them to be on my flash card to free up room on my handheld. What do I need to do?
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    Any file that needs to be written to cannot be stored on the module. Only apps or static database files should be copied to it.

    Check out the 8mb Flash Module FAQ from Handspring, specifically Why do some applications crash when run from the 8MB Flash Module?
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