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    people send me texts all the time that i don't get....vm's as well....i get some but the only time i get the others is when i turn my phone off and back on again...then 3 day old messages come in....anybody know how to correct this?
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    anybody??? please?
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    Hi Prolif, Can you help us understand more about your setup? Who is your wireless service provider (carrier)?
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    Spouse and I both have 650's on Sprint using the included Messaging app. We send text messages only to each other; we receive voice mail messages from each other and others.

    Most of the time text and voice mail delivery are immediate; at times, one of us will text the other and the recipient won't receive the message or text until hours later. More than once it has taken overnight to receive a text message or a voice mail notification.

    If I had to guess, this has happened no more than five days in the last eleven months. On days when this occurs, it usually occurs more than once.

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    i rencently had an issue with at&t on my blue 650. i stopped getting pages on a saturday night then got a flood monday morning, then no more until another flood tuesday night. i had changed no setting on the treo and was at my wits end. a coupld soft resets latter and it seems to work again. i still don't know what happened.
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    a friend of mine is having the same problem with his cingular treo 650. very strange. i will send him a text message, and he does not recieve it. if i try to send one from his phone to mine same thing.
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    yeah, on the phone with at&t they claim to have done a 'master reset' and then it started to flood on in. after taht thought the gprs wasn't working so i did the soft reset and then it was all working. still not sure what a 'master reset' is thought.
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    I have verizon and it has happened on several occassions since i got my phone in october...just yesterday, i was texting my girlfriend (same verizon network) back and forth all morning and all of a sudden, i just stopped getting hers....she sent several over the next few hours...never got them...she then RE-sent them and i rebooted about 5 times later that afternoon and got the later ones, but not the earlier ones
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    Same here on a Sprint Tréo 600. At times I never get text, I'd say several times a month. I also notice if I'm out of service (in a building) I won't receive a text, even after re-entering service. My wife's (also Sprint non-Tréo) will be waiting for her when she comes out of work. AFA VM, I'll have several waiting, when the phone has never rung. I think it's a Tréo thing, based on my wife's phone, my old non-Tréo Sprint phone, and the 4 other phones on our plan.
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