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    Don't believe it, neither did I.....but here's what happened:

    1. Bought new 2 GB A-DAta card....Treo refused to format. Softick formatted it via windows w/ Treo as external drive but didn't hold. Formatted in Card Reader on desktop....ok.

    2. Spent 6 hours installing TomTom...subject for another thread.

    3. Used PowerRun to move a few apps over and ran BackUpVFS

    Curious as to why card only shows .4 G left, I look in File Z and there's a bunch of files with names using characters that you typically see after accessinga web site and it tells you you need to load korean / chinese whatever characters and you say no....lots of boxes and foreign language characters.

    So I use Card Export to view it through windows and theres a bunch of folders with sizes of 9 Gigs, 14 Gigs etc...with dates of 2038 with these whacko charcters as names.

    So I popped it back in card reader, copied all folders with real names to windows desktop folder, reformat card and copy back....all goes well. No more funny characters and 1.7 Gig left on card.

    Havent used Palm (PowerRun) to send stuff to card though and havent backed up to card using BUBVFS yet.....

    Any ideas what happened here ? Any idea what caused ?
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    PowerRUN back doing its job, no funny business so far....havent used BUBVFS yet tho.

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