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    Im getting ready to go down to Georgia this week and I was wanting to know what the best mapping software you use for getting around a new town on your Visor.

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    The best FREE one is Mapopolis. Can't beat it it for the price. I wouldn't call it a 'local guide' though.

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    I agree with Homer. I used Mapopolis last week when going to a different city and looking at a map while following directions to my friend's house. I'm excited about the possiblity of sharing maplets too. My only gripe is that it seems to chew up batteries faster than any other app I run.
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    I've tried most of them and I still prefer StreetFinder because it seems to have the most features and best interface and best map detail. Its biggest problem is that the maps are huge (even compared to Mapopolis) and it can be slow at times.

    I like the Address Book lookup feature and the maps that I've used are the most accurate.

    But Mapopolis is a great free problem that will hopefully be adding more features in the future. I still keep it loaded also.

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    Thanks for all the input. I have downloaded mapoplois and it seems to have the features I was looking for. Another program recommended by a friend was jungleport. So far the features I prefer on mapopolis is that it does provide info on resteraunts etc. However jungleport seems to have more detailed maps.
    Thanks for the help

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