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    I am getting ready to wipe the hard drive on my laptop and start over again with an XP Pro reinstall. I have synced my 650 and backed up the palmOne folders (including backup) to an external hard drive. Now what should I do when I do my reinstall? Start from the palmOne cd and reinstall Palm Desktop and Docs to Go, etc? What should I take from my external hard drive to get things back to the way they are now?
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    Sounds like you have the right notion already. All you should need will be contained in the palm directory with your hotsync id.

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    I ave all my Treo apps in a folder called R:\Download\Treo\

    Each Program gets itrs own folder and in that folder go the zip's, exe's, registration e-mails, receipts, PDF manuals and everything else associated with that program. This is a "just in case".

    Make sure to save your mail settings (incoming / outgoing server / passwords / browser bookmarks / address book etc.

    The way I do this is this:

    1. My old OS is on Drive C:\, swap and temp on D:\, Programs on E:\ Data on F:\. There is a empty unformatted space between C and D.

    2. I use Partition Magic to "Hide C" and format that empty space and install the new OS to it.

    3. Tell the OS to use D:\ for swap and temp files.

    4. Install all programs over themselves on E:\ to set up registry while keeping all customizations.

    5. When I am satisfied with new OS, I format the hidden partition, move the new C:\ over to begiining of drive.

    6. If I have a problem, I can always use PM (from startup disks) to hide the new OS partition and then boot from the old OS and retrieve whatever I need.

    As for the Palm Install. Everything should get put back when you hotsync. Install Palm Desktop as you normally would and use same HotSyncID. This will install Docs2Go programs so if you have updated them since original install, then apply the upgrade again. At least with the programs on my unit, that's the only thing you will have to do.

    Of course any program you have with a desktop companion, i.e Adobe for Palm, Bonzai, whatever, must also be reinstalled to set up the conduits.

    That's all I can think of....oh yeah.....back up Treo to SD card just in case.
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    I reinstalled my OS, then reinstalled the Palm Desktop software. While installing, I allowed it to check the internet for updates to my phone. Now I cannot send files to the Treo with Bluetooth; it says that "FTP service not found on target device." What'd I do?
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    And I should add, I was able to send via Bluetooth after the OS reinstall but before the Palm Desktop install.
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    Ok, answering my own question. I did what I found here:

    ...and now it works.

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