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    I just bought this..looks like the Seidio RBT but comes with a car charger. Anyone have any experience with this one?
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    Just received my Royaltek RBT-2010. Inside white box includes: GPS mouse, Wall charger, Car charger, 1700mah Li-ion battery,and BT GPS X-Mini-Xtreme Quick Guide. This definitely looks like the Seidio but not sure which is original since Royaltek makes the RBT-2001 and 1000 also. The additional car charger is definitely a plus compared to Seidio which I believe does not include one. As far as size, it looks pretty identical to Globalsat SirfstarIII but a little thicker. I have yet to test it since it is still charging. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long. The manual doesn't specify how long it charges for. I will post some results as soon is it is done charging.
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    still charging?
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    I'm new in the forum.
    Got the RBT-2010 since 2 weeks now, it works fine: 18hrs working w/o recharging, 40 to 50 sec cold start (fix up to 9-10 satellites) in paris france area. it is OK with TT5.
    The problem is I cannot use my BlueTooth earphone in same time with the RBT in the Palm Treo
    treo650,sfr, goodlink,credant,TT5,royaltek RBT-2010
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    That's a 650 issue. I shouldn't say issue but that's just how the phone works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stocktrader
    still charging?
    Haha sorry no it's been done charging. Just didn't seem that anyone was really interested in my results so I stopped posting in this thread.

    Charging took about 4 hours for me. So far this thing works perfect. It connects to my Treo within 5-7 seconds and am able to use Tom Tom right away. I had it on the dash but tends to slip when I turn to fast so I either leave it by the parking break or in (usually) my pocket. Either location the signal is still 5 bars on Tom Tom. I will have to try the glove box next. It is very accurate and normally picks up about 7 -9 sattelites. My co-worker has a Globalsat SirfIII and his picks up only 8 and sometimes his Treo cannot connect to it. Although I do prefer the Globalsat size since it is not as tall and has a better finish. Overall I'm happy I chose it over the Globalstat. As far as battery life, I normally use it about 40 min a day and its been only about 4 days so I cannot confirm the battery life.

    If you want to know anything else let me know. This is all I can think of to write for now.

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