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    I am getting the following message when I try to send an SMS message.

    ERROR message center or email center number is invalid

    I am on Cingular and I recently applied the 1.17 update. It is probably the first time I have tried to use SMS since the update but it used to work fine.

    I can receive SMS messages.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Are you getting "message center or email center number is invalid" error for your Cingular network? That happens because your new Treo 650 does not have messaging numbers in it.

    Follow this steps:

    Home --> Messaging --> menu --> options --> Network Tab --> Network config select manual --> Edit --> enter the numbers given below.

    Message center number +13123149870
    email center 36245
    MMS gateway
    MMS URL:

    That should do it. You are set to send all kind of messages.

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