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    I currently have a Motorola HS850 headset which worked well when I had my Motorola V551 phone, but now with the Treo I'm not as happy with it. I'm not sure if it is the headset itself (I love the compactness) or the way they work together, but I'm considering selling it.

    My question is, should I try the new Motorola H700 or go for the Treo branded headset? The fact that the Treo headset uses the same plug as the Treo makes it attractive to cut down on the number of cables I need.

    Also, which has a higher volume, because that is on major problem with my HS850, that I can't hear very well.

    And yes, I have read many of the reviews of the headsets themselves, but nothing has jumped out at me yet as "the one."
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    I dont think it is the headset. The treo BT radio just doesnt seem to be that good. If I had to go with one- I would choose the treo branded headset.
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