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    Yeah ok so I am lazy, and I PROMISE to delete this (if I can) afterwards. I read that someone made a little "Ignore caller x and send them 1 of any canned SMS's while they get your voicemail" app like the 700w has, within days of the announcement that the 700w would do that sort of thing.

    /me asks humbly where that might be...
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    LudusW is the successor to SharkMsg. It brings the two biggest features of the 700w (auto SMS response and voicemail pad) to your 650/600 and costs $10. It adds these features to SharkMsg v1.45:

    -Exceptions: Custom actions for different contacts
    -Wildcards: Customize the SMS based on the caller's info (name, email, company, phone number, etc...)

    Voicemail Pad presents you with a simple pad with presets for the major carriers when you dial in to your voicemail. Instead of remembering that 4 is replay, 7 is delete, and 9 is save, just use VMP's finger press-able buttons or the 5way nav.

    Please note: LudusW is TOTALLY free for the normal SharkMsg functions, and these basic functions will remain free as will any bugfixes. You are only paying the $10 for use of any of the advanced features.

    if this sounds interesting, please check out LudusW here:

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