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    Nice Skin but I still like my winamp skin best.
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    I bought the superpass and have these skins. The author is working hard, IMO, to deliver good skin designs.

    I still end up using the iTunes skin at
    That provides a very clear and uncluttered views of song list and song details. It is not very "thumbable", though.

    Winamp modern skin is nice
    but it is totally not thumbable.
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    thanks for the input
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    Am I the only one who can't use the WinAmp skin more than about 10 times without PTunes locking up on startup requiring a button-reset and deleting the PTunes prefs?

    I've installed a fresh copy of it three times, eventually this always happens. For no reason PTunes reports "the last time you ran power tunes it crashed" or something, which isn't true, then it just sits there frozen. Never happens with the default skin.

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