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    I have been trying to transfer my organized contacts from the palm desktop onto my Treo 650, without any success. I organized my contacts on the desktop software according to categories etc. but I am unable to move the organized contacts onto my Treo. Any suggestions....
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    What is your hotsync manager set to on the contacts conduit? For one time only -- set it to Desktop overwrites handheld. Hot Sync. The desktop categories should go down to the Treo. (Any un-synced contacts on the Treo will be lost in this process.) Then set that conduit back to synchronize.

    Cheers, Perry.

    Click on the Hotsync manager icon next to the clock (Blue/Red Arrow Circle)
    Select Custom
    Scroll to Contacts and select
    Select Change
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    I tried that and for some reason even after I do that, the contacts do not overwrite the handheld, I am not sure what else to do, other than manually re-arrange my contacts on my Treo.
    Any other suggestions
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    Back when I upgraded a Sony TH55 to the Treo 600, I was warned to first create the categories on the new device. This go round -- moving from the 600 to a 650 --- I again first created the cats on the new device, then set the sync to desktop overwrites. Had no problems at all (shockingly-- I had a large fresh cup of coffee ready, to aide me thru the anticipated torment session). Nice surprise. No clue if it's "necessary"; just know that it works.

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