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    I just updated my Verizon 650 to the latest firmware updater, and two problems have cropped up: First - every hour, on the hour, it reboots. Secondly, it pairs with my bluetooth car, but does not connect. This all worked before. I have no funky apps or special software, just VZW sync, the enfora wifi sled and two games: soduku and freecell. It reboots with or withour cell connection, wifi, or the sled attached. It reboots without any of the games running. It reboots (and won't connect) after a soft reset and no other programs run. Any ideas?
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    Why did you update your code? Were you having problems? Just curious. I'm a big proponent if "If it's not broke....".

    As for the reboot, try dialing #*#377 after it resets to see what caused it.

    Since you have so little software, it might also be worthwile to do a hard reset and reinstall your apps and see if it still occurs. If it does, try not using the wifi sled for a while. I can't imagine the 2 games have anything to do with this.
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    I updated because the phone is poor and that update is supposed to improve calling features and sound quality. Also, the VZW treo still is barely functional in bluetooth. ( I have a cingular treo 650 for work that is great) so I hoped, even though the FAC didn't say, that bluetooth functionality would be improved to the the par level for other treos. I assume that there is no hew and cry over the update here that others are not having similar issues.

    Question, do you need cell service to dial the #*#377? Or is that a command to the local device? There is no service within 5 miles of my house, where I ususally work on the phone (hence the wifi).

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    OK, I just tried it and I got this message:

    A reset was caused on ..... while running "phone":
    Line 3752, Null handle

    Does that tell anyone anything useful?
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    Well, it doesn't necessarily rule anything out. If the error had said something like "wifimgr", you would have had an obvious culprit.

    Since it's a built-in application thats causing the reset, my advice would be to do a hard reset (rename your Palm backup folder first) and don't reinstall any apps at first. If it continues to reset then the phone will need to be serviced.
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    Have you installed any 3rd party software?

    The gold-standard test is to do a hard reset (losing all data and restoring the phone to factory condition) and seeing if the problem occurs. If yes, then get the phone exchanged. If No, then identify the offending software by installing them one at a atime and seeing which one causes problems.

    Look for alarms.prc in the forums (or Palminternals at These can show you the next scheduled action that the Operating System is aware of. That can sometimes help identify which application/action is scheduled to happen and when. If the reset coincides with that even, then you have a suspect.
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    Well, I solved the issue. Doing a hard reset wiped out the last vestige of the Enfora WIFI sled application. ( I had deleted it early on in debugging, but apparently some of it remains in the OS) Now, the phone does not reset every hour. But of course, I don't have WIFI access. So beware the Enfora sled!
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    go to wireless sync app and check ready sync and see if it's set to auto-sync every hour.

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