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    I've tried the Krussel enclosed leather case, w/o belt clip. It was ok, but ripped on me near the zipper. Also, the fit wasnt exact and the left side of the keyboard kept creeping beneath the edge of the case. I now have the CODI scuba case with non rotating clip. Its also OK. Very stiff plastic protection and a bit too far away from the screen and keyboard. You really have to press hard to hit a button or touchscreen app.

    Any others that you could recommend? I'd like to keep the keyboard and screen protected, but without too much added bulk.

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    I use the Palm Leather Side Pouch case for the Treo 700/650/600 available here on TC.

    It's a belt clip. The Treo slides in/out very easily with a snap closure to keep it in. I protect the screen with a Boxwave Cyrstal screen protector and I have egrips on the side of the Treo to give my hand a little more to grip when I am using it.

    The pouch protects it, but I then do not have to deal with a "case" being around it while in use, but everyone has their own "BEST" method.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I have the Magnesium case that they reviewed here a few weeks ago. It's very protective, which is what I needed. And you can see the screen and use all phone functions while the case is closed. But it is a hassle if you're using it for anything other than phone calls because you have to keep opening it to access the touch screen. So if you're using a program that doesn't utilize good 5 way navigation then it's a bit of a hassle. I'm pretty used to it now and it's starting to grow on me. And it is kind of bulky so it's prolly not what you want. But I like it so far. $40

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    Thanx for the tips. I hate pouches and I need access to the functions at most times, so an enclosed case is best for me. The CODI is nice; I just wish the plastic wasnt so thick and far from the screen/keyboard.......................
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    I used a covetec flip case. vey nice case until the clip broke and there was no way to get a new one without buying another case. No i just use the pocket method. I like the lack of case. nothing to get in the way.
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    I have an E&B eNovo case on order and will post a review when it arrives.

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