On my Verizon Treo 650 I've noticed that I've got time set to get the time provided by my provider, which is fine, but SMS messages are delivered and are wrong by 1 hour. I'm guessing this may have to do with daylight savings time but what kind of stupid system is this? If the internal clock is set by my provider at 9AM what is SMS doing using another clock? It's also a built in program. How absurd.

I've also had horrible problems sometimes when the device is out of range. This might be all Treos or CDMA Verizon phones. When out of range the phone becomes very jerky and unresponsive as it continues to search for a signal. Unless you turn the phone off this behavior will continue. At times I'll get the button lock and I'm unable to turn off the lock after turning on the phone. As soon as the lock is undone with the center button the phone will immediately shut off the light and relock itself. What fun.

Just observations and wondered how others handled them.