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    I recently installed the DUN hack and it's working beautifully with my laptop. But every now and then I get an error message on my Treo 650 saying to disconnect the data connection (I'm assuming that my wireless sync application is checking for new mail). I can't figure out how to tell it to stop checking for mail. I'm sure it's not difficult, but I'm sure someone on here has already done it and could easily tell me how. (I tried searching the forum for this issue but didn't find anything)

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    You can always set up a new network profile and keep it on that instead of National Access. The only thing though is you will not be able to send and receive MMS because it uses the NA connection.
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    by doing this do you mean just pushing the down arrow in the network preference and selecting 'untitled'. I also cancelled the data on mine because of ridiculous charges somehow transmitting constantly. So I can switch back and forth when I need to receive a MMS, e-mail, etc? Thanks.

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