I was seriously waiting for palm to come out and bring an outstanding update. Now im not saying todays update is a no good, but here are my problems with the T650:

I have tested a good amount of firmwares and for some time too. After every firmware it seems that the treo is excellent. Then a few days go by and it's still going strong. Until 3-4 weeks problems start to occur. Treo starts to reset more often "Fatal Exception" is the error that is most common. I have crash pro log the resets and i use #*377 to find out the exact cause and note it down in crash pro if i just see fatal exception. The treo doesnt suddenly freeze up so much, sometimes not at all for weeks, but it the rests that kill me.
Another nasty problem is the treo doesnt respond onces i try to turn it on. then 5 seconds later turns on and freezes up. This happens a lot. It could be charging and i pick it up and its frozen solid.
I have narrowed all my problems app by app going on a treo diet with just the apps installed by the ROM and 18MB free. Resets are not frequent, but i do get them and they are usually related to "phone" and "applications" says #*377.

I have found that verichat causes a lot of my problems and i took it off. I got munduo and its not the same, i dont like it a bit. After taking of verichat, i got random error and resets related to phone and applications.

Do i just have a bad treo. Its an unlocked GSM cingular phone. I really like the phone and this is the longest time i have spend with a same phone(about a year)

I dont know what to do. I have tmobile and the phone is not insured. will palm help me in any way if the phone is bad?

so my point is that its frustraiting to install the update and be happy for a week or two and then problems arise. It's almost like the treo deteriorates by the day.